Shave like an old man! Save some serious cash!


Best Life Hack I have to offer!

Wish you could save around $100 to $200 a year and get the best shave of your life?  You can!  Want to never have razor burn, bumps, and horrible shaving experiences ever again?  Well stop crying as you open another five blade monstrosity they call a “ProGlide Mach 62 Turbo buzzer stick” and start shaving like you survived two World Wars!


Meet the Double-Edged (DE) Safety Razor!a caption

This beautiful blast from the past has saved me some serious cash while making razor burn and red bumps a thing of the past.  There are five things that you will need in order to switch to the better shave.

DE Safety Razor:  Spend some money on a nice one because you will have it for years to come.  I have two Edwin Jagger DE89 DE Safety Razor, one is the short handle and the other is a regular handle.  You can get these off Amazon for under $30.  There are numerous brands and styles.  Shave Nation is an online retailer out of Illinois that helped me get started.  He has all the major brands for a little more money but he ships directly to you even faster than Amazon Prime due to his Midwest location.  Check him out also!

Razor Blades: Buy a sample pack so you can try out multiple blades and see which blade fits your face the best.  Believe me or not but you will find the perfect blade and manufacturer.  I use Big Ben Razor Blades.  For under $25 I get 200 blades which will last me almost four years!  I spend roughly $6.50 a year on blades.  Talk about saving money!  I was buying the 5 blade cartridge monstrosities for $40 and you only get 10-12 blades.  Literally spending over $200 a year just on blades and getting terrible shaves out of it.  IMG_3117

Beaver Hair Shaving Brush and Bowl:  You can use generic shaving cream out of can and apply from your hand…. but you made it this far so commit to full on wet shave!  Get a nice bowl (or use a coffee mug) and use a shaving brush!  The brand Tweezerman brush which can be found on Amazon for $38.


Legit wet shave shaving cream:  This is were I invest a little more money for my face.  Sample some shave soap or cream that is created for wet shaves/ DE Safety Razor use and reap the benefits!  I use Dreadnought shaving cream which can be found on Amazon for $19 or Shave Nation.  The Bluebeards Revenge is the United Kingdom version of Dreadnought (same company) and sometimes cheaper on Amazon.


Aftershave:  Use a good aftershave.  You may already have a brand that you like so don’t change anything if you are happy with what you have.  I use Cremo Face Moisturizer and have had good luck with it.  Cremo can be found on Amazon for $8-$16.



Once you have all the accessories that you need you’re ready to start!  It is extremely hard to put into words how to exactly shave with DE Safety Razor and get the right angle.  But don’t be afraid, it’s like riding a bike.  Click on the picture below to find an in depth “how to” video that the owner of Shave Nation put together.  Check out his website and other videos as well, dude is awesome!



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