Free website to track your investments!

You probably have seen or heard of the several free online budgeting software apps that are pretty amazing!  Mint, YNAB, and Everydollar just to name a few.  Personally my wife and I used Mint to coincide with our written budget while we were paying off our consumer debts.  We moved away from Mint when we … Continue reading Free website to track your investments!

The POWER of the 457b!

Attention Public Sector Employees: More than likely YOU are eligible to contribute to a retirement savings plan that has the advantage to make early retirement easy!  Listen up teachers, firefighters, TROOPERS and other public sector employees! Some basics first... Retirement savings in the forms of 401k, 457b, or 403b are pretty similar.  These savings options are plans … Continue reading The POWER of the 457b!

To Be (in), or Not to Be (in)… Cryptocurrency

Jack Bogle is the founder of Vanguard and the father of Index Investing, I consider him the "Dave Ramsey" of the investing world.  He's trustworthy, intelligent and could have made unbelievably amounts of money by charging high fees on his awesome product (Vanguard Index Funds).  Instead he keeps fees low and is of the opinion … Continue reading To Be (in), or Not to Be (in)… Cryptocurrency