Free website to track your investments!


You probably have seen or heard of the several free online budgeting software apps that are pretty amazing!  Mint, YNAB, and Everydollar just to name a few.  Personally my wife and I used Mint to coincide with our written budget while we were paying off our consumer debts.  We moved away from Mint when we moved banks and Mint did not support the new bank.  I was not entirely satisfied with Mint.  Mint was a great budgeting tool but when it came to investments and your total picture (net worth) it fell short.  The numerous adds were pretty annoying as well!  So when I started paying more attention to the investing side of the equation I found, in my opinion, the best investing website to track your net worth and investing fees!

Alas Personal Capital!


Personal Capital offers a totally FREE dashboard to link your online accounts (i.e. bank account, credit card, mortgage, and investments) to give you a real time net worth.  I have been using Personal Capital for the last several years and I love it!  There are no advertisements and all of my accounts can be linked.  Another great tool is their retirement planner and of course, their retirement FEE analyzer!

All of this for free….but there’s a catch….

They will offer you an opportunity to have them look over your portfolio for a fee, and give input on asset allocation and which funds to choose.  This is completely discretionary and not mandatory.  They also will not contact you unless you have $100,000 in investments, and by contact I mean call you once a year and email you maybe once a year.  So… fine print… still free!

Personal Capital has effectively helped me lay out my investments.  By laying them out and seeing real time how they are performing I can plan for the future and make adjustments if needed!

So check it out!  See if it’s something for you!  Here is the link for you to get started!  If you don’t want to do that NO PROBLEM…but at least check it out!


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