“It’s all Greek to me!”

“It’s all Greek to me” a coworker said over the phone as I was trying to explain investing expenses and how he is overpaying by leaps and bounds.  I had just finished reviewing his Portfolio Summary he had given me.  I am no expert, nor do I hold any certifications (someday maybe), but I have found a niche in investing.  After several books and interviews with investing gurus I learned enough to pay attention to the miracle of compounding interest and the simple math of the fees slowly cutting your portfolio up.  This blog was created to pass on the power of “passive/index investing” and fighting for financial independence to friends, family, coworkers, and anyone that is willing to listen.  Investing is boring for some but critically important to all, and yet the majority of us make two mistakes:

  1. not putting enough or ANY money in investment vehicles
  2. not paying attention to fees (front-end loads and expense ratios)

I want to change that in the community, brotherhood, and family I am a part of!

I am in the profession of law enforcement at the state level, hence the name!  I have the amazing privilege to work with people that, when crap hits the fan, no matter if they like/agree with me they are en route to my location with lights, sirens, and heavy (hopefully tactical) breathing!  They arrive no matter the circumstances to make sure the public and I are safe.  I hope to do the same with writing what I have learned and posting it to an easily accessible website.  I found it hard to explain what I had learned over lunch and dinner breaks to my coworkers.  It wasn’t until I found the financial independence community that the idea of a blog was born.

So you’re thinking “but I’m not a cop, this doesn’t apply to me!”  Heck yes it applies to you!  The concepts, philosophies, and options I lay out in this website applies to all working families no matter if you’re in the private or public sector of employment.

I look forward to laying out the many resources and findings I have found that have helped me on the path to financial independence!



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